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Blank Digital Planner – Make Your Own Digital Planner

Take your planning journey to a whole new level with this amazing blank digital planner.

There are so many digital planners available for free or to purchase, but sometimes you need something that is just you. Don’t fret if you can’t find a digital planner that suits your every desire, just make your own!

Looking for a template to create your own digital planner? This is it. Best of all, it’s totally free!!

With our blank digital planner, it is so easy to create something custom.

how to make a digital planner to sell

Make your own custom digital planner that’s perfect for you.

See how you can use this digital planner and learn how to make a digital planner below.

The free blank digital planner features planner pages that are hyperlinked with tabs so you can easily navigate through your custom planner with ease.

This blank digital planner is the perfect planner for adding planner inserts that you’ll find right here on World of Printables. It’s set up and ready for you to add the pages you need with features including hyperlinked tabs, an index, and more.

Free Blank Digital Planner

It’s so exciting being able to create your own digital planner and the blank digital planner makes it so easy!

To use the free blank digital planner simply:

  • Import the PDF into your GoodNotes app
  • Figure out what you want to use the pages for
  • Add your favorite planner inserts to each page
  • Use the text box to label the relevant tabs!

It’s so quick and so simple. With our blank digital planner, making your own customizable planner has never been easier!

blank planner

We also have hundreds of free planner inserts that you can save and use in your blank digital planner.

To use a planner insert and keep it hyperlinked within the planner, you need to add it as an image on top of the planner, rather than import it.

  • Save the planner and insert it into your device
  • Go to the page in the planner you want to modify
  • Add the JPG planner insert directly to the page
  • Resize it to fit your page

To add more pages to the same tab, simply add a page and the current template.

See what’s included in this blank digital planner

This hyperlinked digital planner has been designed to work on any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes and is great for those who love digital planning.

  • Hyperlinked tabs for easy navigation.
  • Index with hyperlinks – customize the journal any way you want.
  • Blank pages – for adding your favorite planning pages
  • Blank dot grid pages, blank lined pages, checklist pages, and more.
Blank Digital Planner - Make Your Own Digital Planner

This digital planner features lots of pages to help you plan and keep track of everything that’s important to you.

It’s nicely organized and reusable. Because it’s blank, you’re able to add and remove pages as you wish, without having to buy a replacement planner each year. You can use it for any kind of digital planning, just make it your own!

Bring life to your planner and make it one to remember!

If this is your first time using a digital planner then you’ll love it. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to planning or if you are a planner expert. Nor does it matter if you’re new to Goodnotes or any similar planner app, as this is such an easy-to-use digital planner that’s full of features.

Just like any premium digital planner out there, this is a premium digital planner with a professional design to enhance your digital planning experience, you’ll fall in love with it!

You’ll be really impressed with what you get, especially when other digital planners can be pricey, this digital planner, like most of the others on our website, is completely free! You really can’t beat that.

Free Blank Digital Planner

You don’t need to try to make your own digital planner from scratch, we’ve done it for you. Just add your favorite planner pages (you’ll find thousands of free planner inserts throughout our website) save them to your tablet and add them to the pages within this planner.

We recommend GoodNotes as importing planner pages is easy. It’s just like adding other images such as digital stickers to your planner pages, the process is the same.

What you can use a blank digital planner for

You can use this blank digital planner for everything and anything.

Just choose your favorite from thousands of free planner inserts and add them to the pages.

Quick Tip: Look for Printable Planner pages as these are images that are best for importing onto your planner pages.

Choose from over 1000 free planner pages

We have thousands of printable planners that you can find right here on World of Printables. There are so many to choose from and they all look incredible!

Popular planner pages include:

  • Daily planner
  • To-do list
  • Schedule
  • Weekly planner
  • Weekly journal
  • Monthly Planner
  • Calendar
  • Finances
  • Bill tracking
  • Savings tracking
  • Debt tracking
  • Meal planning
  • Recipe Planner
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Checklists
  • Sleep tracking
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Calorie Intake Tracker
  • Workout Log
  • Habit Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Goal Planner
  • Project Planner
  • Password Tracker
  • Contacts
  • Events & Birthdays
  • Lined Paper

Check out our full range of free planner pages for more ideas and save the ones you need for importing into this digital planner.

how to make digital planner

This blank digital planner has lots of pages ready to help you do everything you need to plan, organize, track, and journal.

To get your free digital planner, just pop your email into the box below and start using it today.

TIP: You’ll also find many more planner pages in our Hello 2024 cute planner – it’s a massive 108-page bundle, full of useful pages, including all of the months of the year.

How to make a digital planner

To make your own digital planner that’s unique and personal to you just add your own custom pages. You can make a digital planner of any kind without restrictions.

Why not make a planner for your finances, for your health, for wedding planning? You can make a planner for anything at all. You can even make a planner that combines all of the pages that you need, into one planner that’s perfect for you.

how to create a digital planner

When it comes to planners and digital planners, they’re often made to fit many people. It’s almost impossible to find a planner that’s perfect for every aspect of your life because your life is unique to you. Your needs are different than the needs of others, and planner designers try to reach a broad audience which means the planners they design are often quite generic.

A blank digital planner is a planner that has everything you need, such as clickable tabs, index, and more, but comes without any pages.

Why is that important? Well because you can simply add the pages that you want to create your own digital planner that’s perfect for you.

So how do you add your own pages?

Well, that’s easy. There are several ways to do this. Firstly, you can simply add premade planner pages like the thousands of printable planner pages that we have here on our website that you can download for free.

Just download your favorites to your iPad and add them as images to your planner pages. Place them where you want on each page and scale them to fit the pages perfectly.

The other way to do this is by creating your own pages using a design tool such as Canva, or drawing the pages just like you do with a bullet journal.

Let’s look at each option in more detail.

Make a digital planner

Import predesigned planner pages

There are thousands of planner pages that you can download online that you can import directly into this blank digital planner.

Whether you’re looking for a budget template, a daily planner, a mood tracker, or anything at all, you’ll find pre-designed planner pages that cover the things that you need.

Best of all, you’ll find most, if not all of these planner pages right here on World of Printables. We have thousands of free planner pages for you to choose from, in many different designs.

Just browse our website, find the pages you need, download them to your iPad, and import them directly into this blank digital planner.

Design your own planner pages

Why not try creating your own planner pages? You can design planner pages or templates of any kind by using simple design tools such as Canva.

This means you can create designs that not only suit your style but feature the things that you need.

It’s the ideal way to get personal, what better planner is there than the planner that you’ve designed for yourself?

Draw your own planner pages

You can get artistic like many people who use bullet journals and design your own pages and spreads directly in the planner so that the pages feature the things you need.

To do this, just use your stylus to draw directly on the blank pages to create your own quirky hand-drawn planner pages! It’s super cute.

how to create digital planner

Be sure to check out our digital bullet journal if you love the idea of doing that for all of your planner pages.

Why not use a mix of everything to make a truly unique personalized planner, by using some of our pre-made planner pages, creating some of your own with Canva, and also drawing some pages yourself?

How to make a digital planner with Canva

You can even make your own digital planner from scratch with Canva. It’s so easy. Canva lets you create all kinds of graphics and has thousands of pre-designed templates to help you get started.

Once you’ve designed your digital planner, you can save it as a PDF and import it straight into your favorite note-taking apps such as Goodnotes, Notability, or Noteshelf. It’s so easy. The hard part is using your imagination!

Learn how to make a digital planner from scratch

To learn how to make a digital planner from scratch, that you can share with others, or even sell.

Check out this Skillshare course on How to Design & Create a Digital Planner / Journal on Your Ipad.

Skillshare is a great way to learn how to do all kinds of creative things, with thousands of classes for creative and curious people. On Skillshare, members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.

How to use a blank digital planner

To use the digital planner you will need a tablet and stylus, with a planner app such as Goodnotes, Notability, and similar PDF annotation apps such as Noteshelf, and Xodo.

Once you’ve saved this digital planner to your tablet, just import it into your chosen note-taking app. Finally, import any planner insert pages that you want to use, and place them directly onto the pages within this digital planner, resizing with your stylus if necessary.

Then start planning! It’s easy to navigate and use.

This free blank digital planner has been made with lots of love for you to enjoy. It makes it quick and easy for you to create your own digital planner with minimal effort.

If you like this digital planner, be sure to see our huge range of popular Digital Planners for many more different styles of planners that you can use digitally for free.

Most people use a digital planner as they go, such as creating a daily spread with the things they need to do, including priorities, schedule, and due dates, and tracking the things they have done. Other people like to set up their planners with lots of pages and jump between the pages depending on what it is they are planning or tracking.

how to make a planner on goodnotes

This planner isn’t suitable for printing, but don’t worry – if printable planners are more your thing then we have lots of them that you’ll love.

Why you need a digital planner

Do you find it hard to keep track when using a physical planner? This digital planner makes it so much easier for you to stay organized. It’s so cute and easy to use.

You can look around online to try to find a good digital planner, but you’ll not find one that looks this good, nor one that helps you create your own digital planner with ease.

It is such an adorable digital planner that’s well-designed and very easy to figure out.

If you love being creative, and artistic or just want full control over your planner, then this will make it easy for you.

Why get this digital planner? The answer is simple. We put a lot of time into our digital planners and ensure our creations provide everything you need, with a perfect blend of features and aesthetics.

Why you need a digital planner

We use our own digital planners and we make sure we release them only when they’re great. Our planners are also updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for updated versions and more awesome digital planners, stickers, and more.

Remember, we have a huge range of useful printables that are perfect for importing into your digital planners, to help you really customize your planner to make it your own, perfect for you.

Never buy another digital planner again

Why not check out our full range of calendars, planner inserts, coloring pages, how to draw pages, and more, all great for adding to your digital planner.

Never buy another planner! We’ve created a huge range of amazing premium digital planners and they’re all totally free!

So there you have it, so many benefits to using a blank digital planner.

Once you start making your own digital planner, you’ll never want to buy another digital planner ever again!

What I use for digital planning

  • iPad Pro – Although any iPad will work
  • Apple Pencil: The Apple Pencil is amazing and highly recommended, but a good quality stylus can do a lot for the money.
  • Apple Pencil grip or sleeve: These really are helpful if you do a lot of digital planning and make writing so much more comfortable.
  • Paperlike screen protector: This not only protects your screen but really makes it feel like you’re writing on paper. Simply amazing.
  • Typewriter Bluetooth keyboard: Very popular within the digital planner community. These stylish retro Bluetooth keyboards make it easy to type and also act as a stand for your iPad.

How to get this free blank digital planner

You can get the blank digital planner using the button below to go straight to our archive page. Be sure to check out our other free digital planners while you are here. Never pay for a digital planner again!

Blank Digital Planner

You can also sign up for our newsletter. We’ll keep you updated from time to time whenever we release an updated version or have more awesome free digital planners, stickers, and more for you to enjoy.

Every week we create a cute set of printables, planners, and digital freebies, all designed to help you make the most of the things that matter to you and to help you get things done in style while keeping you busy and motivated.

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Our 2024 planner is packed full of useful planner pages to help you get more done, stay organized, and live healthier and happier.

free printable planner 2024

Get this awesome free 2024 Planner bundle.

Make the most of your new free digital planner!

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