Fox Coloring Pages

Fox Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults

These fox coloring pages are perfect for helping kids of all ages relax, learn, and get creative.

Toddlers and preschoolers can use these coloring pages as a way to learn color recognition and develop their fine motor skills so use them at home and in class!

We have so many different coloring pictures so find a fox coloring sheet that is perfect for you and your kids! These coloring pages feature simple foxes for little ones, fox family pages, cute baby fox coloring pages, and foxes with other forest animals.

Fox Coloring Pages

These free printable fox coloring pages are so easy to use and fun to stay busy on a rainy day.

Grab your favorite pencils, crayons, or pens, and enjoy these cute fox coloring pages! Remember not all foxes are orange, so get creative! Color foxes under a starry sky, foxes in their dens having a nap, or foxes chasing butterflies.

To use these fox coloring pages, simply choose the picture you like and save it to your computer then print. You can also color them digitally on your tablet.

Fox Coloring Page 49
Fox Coloring Page 48
Fox Coloring Page 47
Fox Coloring Page 46
Fox Coloring Page 45
Fox Coloring Page 44
Fox Coloring Page 43
Fox Coloring Page 40
Fox Coloring Page 39
Fox Coloring Page 41
Fox Coloring Page 36
Fox Coloring Page 35
Fox Coloring Page 38
Fox Coloring Page 37
Fox Coloring Page 34
Fox Coloring Page 32
Fox Coloring Page 31
Fox Coloring Page 30
Fox Coloring Page 29
Fox Coloring Page 28
Fox Coloring Page 27
Fox Coloring Page 26
Fox Coloring Page 25
Fox Coloring Page 24
Fox Coloring Page 23
Fox Coloring Page 22
Fox Coloring Page 21
Fox Coloring Page 20
Fox Coloring Page 19
Fox Coloring Page 18
Fox Coloring Page 17
Fox Coloring Page 1
Fox Coloring Page 16
Fox Coloring Page 15
Fox Coloring Page 14
Fox Coloring Page 13
Fox Coloring Page 11
Fox Coloring Page 1
Fox Coloring Page 9
Fox Coloring Page 8
Fox Coloring Page 6
Fox Coloring Page 4
Fox Coloring Page 3
Fox Coloring Page 2
Fox Coloring Sheet 16
Fox Coloring Sheet 15
Fox Coloring Sheet 14
Fox Coloring Sheet 13
Fox Coloring Sheet 12
Fox Coloring Sheet 11
Fox Coloring Sheet 10
Fox Coloring Sheet 8
Fox Coloring Sheet 7
Fox Coloring Sheet 6
Fox Coloring Sheet 5
Fox Coloring Sheet 4
Fox Coloring Sheet 3
Fox Coloring Sheet 2
Fox Coloring Sheet 1
happy fox with flowers and love hearts
Cute Fox Coloring Pages Printable
fox coloring pages - fox jumping over the rainbow
Fox Coloring Sheet For Kids
F is for fox
Fox Coloring Page for Kids
fox coloring pages - fox sleeping under the tree with the sun
Simple Fox Coloring Sheet
fox coloring pages - two foxes cuddling
Cute Fox Coloring Sheet
fox coloring pages - Celestial fox
Cute Fox Coloring
Birthday fox
Birthday Fox Coloring Page
fox coloring pages - Mommy fox and baby fox cuddling
fox with rain cloud and flowers
Simple Fox Coloring Page
fox coloring pages - little fox with butterflies
Fox Coloring Pages Printable
fox in the fall
Christmas fox
Fox with stars and the word fox
fox coloring pages - fox and flowers and bubbles
Fox and the words 'make today great'
Easy Fox Coloring Sheet
Love who you are with fox
Easy Fox Coloring
fox coloring pages - cute fox in a tree trunk
Easy Fox Coloring Page
Fox and flowers with the words be kind
Kids Fox Coloring Pages Printable
fox on a tree stump with mushrooms
Kids Cute Fox Coloring Pages
fox coloring pages - Fox with flower border
Kids Fox Coloring Sheet
fox with flowers and butterflies
Kids Fox Coloring
fox coloring pages - baby fox with strawberries
Kids Fox Coloring Page
Fox with bow tie, hat and monocle

You will have tons of fun with these fox coloring pages! With over 100 foxes to color in, these printables are perfect for all ages!

Fun Fox Facts

I love foxes! These cunning creatures are often misunderstood and are actually known to be friendly animals. There are many different kinds of foxes such as the red fox, the silver fox (wink, wink), the arctic fox, the fennec fox, the crab-eating fox, and many more.

Want to know some interesting facts about foxes?

Here are cool fox facts you should know:

  • Foxes are wild dogs
  • Foxes can retract their claws
  • There are many different species of fox
  • A female fox is called a Vixen
  • A male fox is called a Dog Fox
  • A group of foxes is known as a skulk or a leash
  • A baby fox is called a kit or a cub
  • A group of baby foxes is called a litter
  • Foxes make up to 40 different sounds
  • Foxes are omnivorous mammals, meaning they eat both meat and plants

Did you learn something new? I know I did!

Free Printable Coloring Pages

We have an amazing collection of free printable coloring pages for you to use! All of our coloring pages are free to save and print and are perfect for kindergarten age through to adulthood!

Our recent coloring pages. Many more fun coloring pages for kids and adults.

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