Personal planner templates

Personal Planner Templates

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Choose from 20 personal planner templates in various designs to help you stay organized with the important things in your life. With these personal planners, you can plan your focus for the week, reminders, goals, health and fitness, moods, habits, and more.

Use a personal planner template to help you track the most important parts of your routine on one page.

For these personal planner templates, we have merged a day planner and weekly planner into one so you can see a snapshot of everything that is important.

It’s a great idea if you don’t like to spend time having a daily planning session but would still like to stay organized and have some consistency in your planning routine.

Why you should use a personal planner template

A personal planner is perfect for moms, students, professionals, or for those who live busy lives and this personal planner template is a great addition to any planner, binder, or journal.

There are so many different categories on this printable planner that you can make the most of such as:

  • A focus section so you can prioritize what’s important
  • Important reminders to keep you aware and on schedule during your busy days.
  • A goal section so whether you have big goals, professional goals, long-term goals, or monthly goals, you can log them all on your personal planner template.
  • A meal plan section to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week along with space to note down your daily workout.
  • A mood tracker to help you understand your mood, and any triggers or patterns.
  • A habit tracker so you can track various habits such as making sure you drink enough water by tracking your daily water intake, completing your daily meditation, or simply reading your favorite book.

It’s great to have the things that you need right at your fingertips!

Personal Planner Templates

Choose from a variety of styles of personal planner templates. Whether you like minimalist designs, floral designs, or girly designs with a simple layout, there is a planner template for you.

To use any of these printable planner pages, simply select any image below and save it to your computer, then print it!

personal planner template
personal planner template - blue
personal planner template - purple
personal planner template - pink
personal planner template - red
personal planner template - orange
personal planner template
cute personal planner template
personal planner template - cute
personal planner template - minimalist
personal planner template - floral
personal planner template - colorful
personal planner template - fun
personal planner template - formal
personal planner template
personal planner template
personal planner template
personal planner template
personal planner template
personal planner template - coloring page
personal planner template

We have so many printable resources to help you build your own personal planner from scratch, but these personal planner templates are a great place to start.

Free printable planner pages 

Want to build your own planner with amazing free planner pages? Check out these:

These printable templates can also be imported onto your iPad or tablet so you can use them for digital planning and they are available as printable pdfs.

We also have a digital day planner for your iPad or tablet that you can use to plan all aspects of your life. So if you prefer to plan digitally then we have you covered!

Best Digital Life Planner

Check out our free digital planners for iPad or Android tablet and start digital planning today!

How to use our printable planners for the best finish

Resize it – Our printable planner inserts are made for US Letter sized paper. But you can easily resize printable planners to fit any paper size and binder. It’s so easy to make them bigger or smaller to fit into your choice of binder.

Print it – We recommend using nice quality paper for printing our planners and planner pages.

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If you are looking for more free printables, then check out our huge range of awesome printable templates and find the ones you need. We’ve got a huge range of templates for every aspect of your life!

Our free printable inserts are the perfect option for adding that little bit extra to your planner, bullet journal, or binder. You can even import them into your favorite digital planner.

Be sure to grab as many freebies as you can while you’re here.

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