Twisted Templates

Twisted Templates – The Planner With A Dark Twist

Twisted templates are our latest range of stylishly themed planner pages and templates. For anyone who wants something different, these sleek styles of planners are unlike anything else you’ll find out there.

If you’re a lover of Wednesday Addams, then these are the perfect planners for you!

Available as printable planners, and digital planners. They’re simply too cute to spook!

Three stylish themes to choose from:

Witchy Planner
Witchy Planner
Halloween Planner
Halloween Edition
Pitch Black Planner
Pitch Black Edition

It doesn’t matter what style you prefer, you can get them all.

Do you want a planner that’s stylish, dark, and like no other?

Of course, you do…who isn’t drawn to unique styles that inspire them?

Like you, we were searching for an affordable stylish dark planner, witchful thinking! When we struggled to find a planner that inspired us or had the pages we needed, we decided to create our own.

We created a planner for you that is dark, stylish, and has all of the pages that you need. A planner that would inspire creativity, and would work across printable and digital formats.

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Be inspired with a stylish planner that’s like no other, and find love at first bite!

Twisted Templates Digital Planners

Twisted Templates Planner Range

The planner with a dark twist.

The Twisted Templates were designed to inspire your daily and nightly planning. We make sleek and stylish planner systems, and planner stickers, that include everything necessary to keep you inspired and organized, to help you get the most out of your life.

Maximize productivity while focusing on the big picture.

Go beyond your to-do list with this do it all planner bundle. Twisted Templates planners are packed full of useful pages, finished in a sleek dark style that’s designed to help you live your best life. 

Black Planner

Feeling Witchy

The twisted templates range of planners is jampacked full of all of the useful pages that you need to help you stay organized with all of the things that matter. 

The twisted templates are categorized into different key areas, including productivity, organization, self-care, focus, motivation, and finances. 

Plan every aspect of your life, from budgeting to meals, and all things you need to do. 

You can use the daily planner to plan your days, the weekly planner to plan your weeks, and the to-do lists to plan everything you need to do in between.

Twisted Templates Daily To Do List
Twisted Templates Weekly Planner
Twisted Templates 2023 Year Calendar
Twisted Templates Daily Planner

This planner helps you tackle your to-do’s while keeping you focused on the things that matter, such as self-care, future goals, and organization at home.

These planners will really help you thrive.

But there’s so much more to these stylish planners than meets the eye.

With these planners you’ll be able to:

  • Take control of your money, with great budgeting templates that help you stay on track with your finances, and stay on top of your bills. You can even keep track of the money you save each month with the savings trackers and set savings goals.
  • Plan your meals in advance, saving you time and money, and healthier eating, while being more organized, and even use the recipe planners to try something new.
  • Stay on top of everything at home, from housework, errands, grocery shopping, and more, so you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Be a better you, by using personal planners, improvement planners, goal planners, and more. You can focus on self-improvement, and stay on top of your health with healthy eating with meal planners, recipe planners, and more.
  • Review the progress that you’re making with your life by using the templates that help you reflect on your month and plan ahead.
  • Make better goals and plan for the future so you’ll always have things to work towards and look forward to, for a more positive mental outlook. Having goals, projects, and activities, are great for getting more enjoyment out of our lives.
  • Plan for the holidays, budget your holiday season, plan the things you need to buy, plan the gifts, packing lists, activities, and more for a great holiday season.
  • Stay on top of your health, Keep track of your weight, log your workouts, track your sleep, habits, moods, and more with the self-care templates. The planner helps you take ownership of your well-being for a more wholesome and healthier life.
  • Achieve a healthier work-life balance, get more from your life, work towards improvements in your life, and always have things to look forward to.
  • Make everyday things easier, you’ll also find lots of general templates that are useful for everyday things, such as lined paper, dot grid paper, checklists, notes pages, and even blank pages that are great for designs and doodling.
Twisted Templates Bill Payments
Twisted Templates Budget Tracker
Twisted Templates Weekly To Do List
Twisted Templates Weekly Meal Planner
Twisted Templates Personal Planner
Twisted Templates Goal Planner
Twisted Templates Planners

This dark and edgy planner has everything you need to keep you organized and on track with your tasks for the year ahead. It includes all of the pages that you need to be in control of your life and success.

Simplify your life. Start the day organized, and end the day a winner.

Too cute to spook

Don’t doom yourself to a life of mundane and expected, surround yourself with creativity and inspiration.

If you’re bored with the same old planners or you’re attracted to dark designs with witchy and spooky elements, then the twisted templates are creative planners that will get you gouling!

Whether you’re obsessed with Halloween, alternative aesthetics, or sleek dark styles, the twisted templates will inspire you in ways that regular planners won’t.

Don’t stifle your creativity with a mundane planner, and don’t sit back and wait for inspiration, why not reward yourself with a sleek planner that will inspire your creative thinking.

Focus your attention and mental energy on the things that will bring you reward, and start your best planning tonight!

Twisted Templates Example Digital Planner

If you’ve got it, haunt it.

When you get your fangs on these planners you get them all. You’ll get both printable and digital versions, with each in a set of three stylish themes. Plus free updates when each new version is released each year.

Better yet, you’ll also get full VIP access to a growing library of the best planners, stickers, and templates. We’ve created planners that focus on different areas of your life, from budgeting, meal planning, home, work, wellness, and more.

Plus we’ve created a variety of different themes, so you can switch your planners at any time for something new and refreshing.

Twisted Templates Example Printable Planner
Twisted Templates Planner Pitch Black
Twisted Templates Planner Pitch Black
Twisted Templates Planner Halloween
Twisted Templates Planner Halloween
Twisted Templates Planners
Twisted Templates Planners

Join my fang club!

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Time to lift your spirits! Get a lifetime of rewards!

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Twisted Templates Digital Planner
Twisted Templates Printable Planner

Save time. Save money. Save the planet.

Discover low-cost reusable planner pages that you can print at home, or use as a digital planner with your favorite planner app.

By printing your own planner pages, you can save money in so many ways. You don’t have to use a planner that’s filled with pages that you don’t need. Just keep things simple, pick and print the pages you need and leave the rest out.

Also, you won’t have to buy a replacement planner when you’ve used all the pages or a new year begins. Just print more of the pages that you need, and get the updated versions each year for free. 

Stay Witchy, Go Digital!

Or why not ditch the paper planner completely and switch to digital, and use your tablet to plan the things that matter?

Our Twisted Templates range of planners is also available in digital format.

Available in the same three stylish themes, Witchy, Halloween, and Pitch Black.

You’ll not find a digital planner as stylish as these!

Twisted Templates Planner Witchy Edition
Twisted Templates Planner Witchy Edition
Twisted Templates Digital Planner Pitch Black
Twisted Templates Digital Planner Pitch Black
Twisted Templates Digital Planner Halloween
Twisted Templates Digital Planner Halloween

Or use a combination of both paper and digital planners, so you can always stay on top of everything in your life no matter what you’re doing.

Either way, our planners are stylish, extremely cost-effective ways to plan your life in style.

Get the free Twisted Templates planners

To get any of the Twisted Templates planners and calendars, head over to our Freebie Vault. You’ll find everything you need right there for free and a whole bunch more.

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