Bat Templates

Bat Templates

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than with some fun and easy bat templates? Bat stencils are a fantastic addition to your Halloween crafting repertoire, and we’ve got some printable bat templates that are perfect for the occasion.

Bats are iconic symbols of Halloween, and they can add a touch of eerie charm to your decorations or Halloween activities. Our bat template printables are versatile and simple to use, so grab your favorites and have fun!

To use any of our printable bat templates, simply open the image you like and save it to your computer then print!

Bat Templates

Use these fun templates to color or use as a spooky decoration! The small ones are perfect to use for confetti or for making stickers by printing on sticker paper.

Mini Printable Bat Cut Outs
Mini Halloween Bat Cutouts
Easy Halloween Bat Cutouts
Halloween Bat Cutouts Cute
Cute Template for Halloween Bats
Fun Bat Paper Template
Cute Bat Paper Template
Fun Template for Halloween Bats
Mini Template for Halloween Bats
Easy Template for Halloween Bats
Easy Bat Printout
Cute Bat Printout
Small Simple Bat Outline
Cute Simple Bat Outline
Small Bat Template
Cute Bat Template
Printable Bat Cut Outs
Full page Bat Template
Template for Halloween Bats
Bat Paper Template
Bat Cut Outs Printable
Bat Outlines Printable
Bat Outlines For Halloween
Bat Outline Halloween
Simple Bat Template
Bat Stencils Free Printable
Easy Bat Template
Bat Printout
Free Printable Bats
Halloween Bat Cutouts
Bat Silhouette Printable
Free Bat Template
Halloween Bat Printable
Halloween Bat Outline
Bat Cutouts Printable
Bat Craft Template
Easy Bat Outline
Free Printable Bat Template
Bat Outline Printable
Paper Bat Template
Halloween Bat Template
Simple Bat Outline
Bat Stencil Printable
Bat Cut Out Template
Bat Templates to Print
Bat Pumpkin Template
Bat Pumpkin Carving Stencil
Bat Printable
Bat Pumpkin Stencil
Bat Template Printable
Bat Stencil
Bat Template

Free Printable Bat Template

Bat Template 50
Bat Template 49
Bat Template 48
Bat Template 47
Bat Template 46
Bat Template 45
Bat Template 44
Bat Template 43
Bat Template 42
Bat Template 41
Bat Template 40
Bat Template 39
Bat Template 38
Bat Template 37
Bat Template 36
Bat Template 35
Bat Template 34
Bat Template 33
Bat Template 32
Bat Template 31
Bat Template 30
Bat Template 29
Bat Template 28
Bat Template 27
Bat Template 26
Bat Template 25
Bat Template 24
Bat Template 23
Bat Template 22
Bat Template 21
Bat Template 20
Bat Template 19
Bat Template 18
Bat Template 17
Bat Template 16
Bat Template 15
Bat Pumpkin Template
Bat Pumpkin Stencil
Bat Pumpkin Carving Stencil
Bat Printout
Bat Printable
Bat Paper Template
Bat Outlines Printable
Bat Outlines For Halloween
Bat Outline Printable
Bat Outline Halloween
Bat Cutouts Printable
Bat Cut Outs Printable
Bat Cut Out Template
Bat Craft Template

Bat Printable

Choose your favorite bat hat template! Print the template, cut around the dotted lines, and glue the strips together! For the printable bat hat template, please remember to measure the strips around your head before gluing, as using all of them might make the hat too large for your head.

Hat Bat Template 8
Hat Bat Template 7
Hat Bat Template 6
Hat Bat Template 5
Hat Bat Template 4
Hat Bat Template 3
Hat Bat Template 2
Hat Bat Template
Hat Bat Template 10
Hat Bat Template 9

Crafting Ideas with Bat Templates

There are so many different ways to use our bat printables and as you can see they are available in all black or outlined for you to color. There are also a couple of mini bat templates for you to use. Here are some ideas on how you can use these printable bat templates:

  1. Bat Garland: String together a collection of bat templates to create a charming bat garland. Hang it above your fireplace, across a doorway, or in the garden for a spooky yet stylish touch.
  2. Window Silhouettes: Cut out bat templates from black paper and stick them on your windows for a spooky silhouette effect. When the lights are on inside, the bats will cast eerie shadows outside.
  3. Bat Masks: Print out the bats on cardstock, cut them out, and attach some string. Voilà, you have instant bat masks for a costume party or to make trick-or-treating extra special. (Don’t forget to check out our printable Halloween masks here).
  4. Bat Confetti: Use mini bat templates to create bat-shaped confetti for your Halloween party table. Scatter them around for a subtle but festive decoration.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just looking for a fun holiday project, these templates are a perfect choice. So, grab your scissors, glue, pens, and paper, and let your creativity take flight this Halloween with our printable bat templates!

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