Rainbow Coloring Pages

75 Best Rainbow Coloring Pages To Brighten Your Day

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Get colorful with these gorgeous and unique rainbow coloring pages! 

Rainbows captivate young minds, bringing joy and sparking the imagination. That’s why our rainbow coloring pages are immensely popular. But these rainbows offer more than just amusement.

Everybody loves rainbows. There’s just something magical about them and they seem to spark joy whenever we see one. Kids especially love them, which is why we’ve designed this huge collection of printable rainbow coloring pages for hours of fun for your kids.

Rainbows are a beautiful and straightforward creation, but when it comes to coloring pages, you can be really unique with them. Did you even realize there are so many ways to design a rainbow!?

Our rainbow coloring sheets are anything but boring and we guarantee you will enjoy hours of fun with these free printable coloring pages.

35 Best Rainbow Coloring Pages

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for rainbow pictures to color then you’re in the right place! We have a beautiful selection of unique and individual rainbow coloring sheets that are the perfect activity for children and adults.

You can use these coloring pages for some quiet time alone or with your child. You can even use them as a party activity or mix and match them with our other free printable coloring pages to create a coloring book that suits you!

Get creative with rainbow coloring and get in touch to let us see what you create! Tag us on Instagram so everybody can see your awesome coloring!

To use our free printable Rainbow pictures to color, simply click each image and save it to your computer.

Just print as many as you need to keep you or your kids happy for hours of fun!

Rainbow Coloring Pages

Our coloring pages offer limitless possibilities for children. They ignite creativity, enhance motor skills, foster cognitive development, and provide emotional benefits. So, grab some colors and let your child explore the enchanting world of rainbow coloring pages.

You can print these rainbows to color with pens or coloring pencils, or even color them digitally on your tablet.

Rainbow Coloring Page 31
Rainbow Coloring Page 30
Rainbow Coloring Page 29
Rainbow Coloring Page 28
Rainbow Coloring Page 27
Rainbow Coloring Page 26
Rainbow Coloring Page 25
Rainbow Coloring Page 24
Rainbow Coloring Page 23
Rainbow Coloring Page 22
Rainbow Coloring Page 21
Rainbow Coloring Page 20
Rainbow Coloring Page 19
Rainbow Coloring Page 18
Rainbow Coloring Page 17
Rainbow Coloring Page 16
Rainbow Coloring Page 15
Rainbow Coloring Page 14
Rainbow Coloring Page 13
Rainbow Coloring Page 12
Rainbow Coloring Page 11
Rainbow Coloring Page 9
Rainbow Coloring Page 8
Rainbow Coloring Page 7
Rainbow Coloring Page 6
Rainbow Coloring Page 5
Rainbow Coloring Page 4
Rainbow Coloring Page 3
Rainbow Coloring Page 2
Rainbow Coloring Page 1
Rainbow Coloring Sheet 5
Rainbow Coloring Sheet 4
Rainbow Coloring Sheet 3
Rainbow Coloring Sheet 2
Rainbow Coloring Sheet 1
rainbow pictures to color 5
rainbow picture to color 7

Rainbow picture to color 7

rainbow for coloring page 6

Rainbow for coloring page

rainbow coloring sheets 29
rainbow coloring sheets 22
rainbow coloring sheets 13
rainbow coloring sheet 3
rainbow coloring pages 32
rainbow coloring pages 28
rainbow coloring pages 26
rainbow coloring pages 24
rainbow coloring pages 23
rainbow coloring pages 21
rainbow coloring pages 19
rainbow coloring pages 12
rainbow coloring page printable 8

Rainbow coloring page printable 8

rainbow coloring page 27
rainbow coloring page 20
rainbow coloring page 18
rainbow coloring page 11
rainbow coloring page 10
rainbow coloring page 9
rainbow coloring page 1
rainbow coloring 37
rainbow coloring 36
rainbow coloring 35
rainbow coloring 34

Rainbow coloring 34

rainbow coloring 33

Rainbow coloring 33

rainbow coloring 17

Rainbow coloring 17

rainbow coloring 4

Rainbow coloring 4

printable rainbow pictures

Printable rainbow pictures

printable rainbow coloring sheet 15

Printable rainbow coloring sheet 15

printable rainbow coloring page 14

Printable rainbow coloring page 14

printable rainbow coloring 16

Printable rainbow coloring 16

free rainbow coloring pages 25

Free rainbow coloring pages 25

free printable rainbow pictures

Free printable rainbow pictures

Simple Rainbow Coloring Page

Simple Rainbow Coloring Page

Rainbow Coloring Pages for kids

Rainbow Coloring Pages for kids

Coloring is an expressive outlet for kids of all ages, fostering imagination and fine motor skills. Kids learn color theory and artistic expression by selecting and coordinating colors. Holding and maneuvering crayons or markers strengthens hand-eye coordination. 

Rainbow coloring pages also nurture decision-making and problem-solving as children experiment with various hues. This activity promotes focus, patience, and perseverance.

Coloring Hints & Tips

Try to make the most of your time with your child as they color these pages, you can focus on:

  • Color Vocabulary: Ask your child to name the colors as they color the rainbows. This is a great way to help them develop their color vocabulary.
  • Good Posture: When coloring, make sure your children use good posture. This is essential to help develop lifelong habits.
  • Coloring skills: Some kids are concerned if they go over the lines. Just reassure them that it’s fine. But try to give them coloring pages that are at the level of detail appropriate to their ability.

When they’ve finished coloring, continue the fun with more printable activities, such as helping them learn how to draw, or play fun coloring page games that they’ll love!

I hope you loved these amazing free printable coloring pages and I hope you had lots of fun coloring them in!

Show us your creations

We love seeing what our readers do with our printables, so if you’ve printed and colored any of these rainbows then the best way to share with us is to tag us on Instagram. We might even update this page with pictures that you share to let others see your creations!

More free printable coloring pages

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