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Timesheet Templates

If you’re looking for a simple way of logging hours then these timesheet templates are what you need. You can use these printable detailed timesheets for any kind of shift, and any type of profession, whether you are employed or freelance.

Using a timesheet can also help make payroll processing much easier as employee time spent working is accurately accounted for.

Either way, using a timesheet is a great way of tracking time worked. Whether you want to track time in employment, or projects, a timesheet template will help you do just that.

Timesheet Templates

Here you will find a selection of timesheet templates in various styles. Simply choose the style you like, click to open full size, then print or save to your device.

You’ll find printable time sheets in different styles, from simple, to colorful. You can choose from a weekly timesheet to a monthly timesheet. These free timesheet templates are exactly what you need for tracking your time.

weekly timesheet
Weekly timesheet
timesheet template
Monthly timesheet
weekly timesheet template
timesheet template free
printable timesheet template
working time sheet

These printable timesheet templates are free to use and print. For best results when printing, save them to your computer first.

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What are timesheets?

A timesheet is a table of data that allows employers to keep track of employee hours and how much an employee works during their shifts (including overtime). Employed professionals may find it easier to log their time as they simply need to note their time in and time out of their shifts. Self-employed professionals don’t tend to work the 9 to 5 but can still benefit from logging the time spent working in order to make sure they’re receiving an adequate hourly rate for their work.

Self-employed and freelance professionals will also benefit from using manual timesheets as you will need to use an invoice template to invoice your client and be accurate with your working hours. It’s important to make sure you’re charging a reasonable amount for your work. So make sure your clients know your hourly rate upfront!

How do I fill out a timesheet?

To use the timesheet template, simply note the time you start work and when you finish, along with some other information.

When you fill in your employee hours be sure to note your regular hours but also any overtime hours you work too.

You should also factor in lunch breaks or any other time that is classed as non-billable hours.

It’s so easy to use a timesheet and our timesheet templates are simple and effective.

Simple Timesheet Template

Our employee timesheets are perfect for keeping accurate time logs and will allow you to easily see the hours you have worked. Use one of our timesheets alongside a printable schedule so you can use your time efficiently.

To use any of our timesheet templates, simply click the image and save it to your computer. Alternatively, you can save our pdf files from the love & pixels hub.

Timesheet Software

If you would rather invest in online timesheet software then there are plenty of options available.

This post on the best timesheet software by Expert Market discusses the best timesheet software providers available and breaks down the pros and cons. You might even find a free trial so you can “try before you deny”.

Alternatively, if you have an iPad or Android tablet, you can import any of these timesheet templates into an app like GoodNotes, and track your time digitally.

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