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period tracker

Printable Period Tracker Template

Use this printable period tracker to keep track of your menstrual cycle. Women track their periods for different reasons. Sometimes it’s so they notice any irregularities, sometimes it’s because they are trying to get pregnant, sometimes it’s so they can plan things around their periods like a vacation. Whatever the reason you track your period, […]

printable physical exam tracker template

Printable Physical Exam Tracker – Keep Track & Stay Healthy

Use this template to keep a log of all physical examinations that you receive. With this physical exam tracker you can keep track of your health more easily. When was the last time you actually had a physical exam? And I’m not talking about a frisk at the airport! Keeping an eye on our health […]

personal growth plan template

Printable Personal Growth Plan Template – You Need This In Your Life!

Looking for a personal growth plan template that literally covers everything you need? Look no further! I am in love with this personal growth planning page. It is everything I need on one single page and is incredible. You can plan and track the most important things with the personal planning page and you can […]

medical appointment log

Medical Appointment Log

This medical appointment log is perfect for helping you remember and note down important details from your doctor’s visits, or any visits that you make to a medical practitioner. It will also help you give more precise information next time.  My health condition causes me to have memory fog so I become forgetful so easily. […]

weight loss tracker template free

Weight Loss Tracker Template Free Printable

If you’re planning to lose weight and you’re looking for an easy way to track your weight loss over time then you’ll love this weight loss tracker template free download. With this weight loss tracker you can set your current weight and your ideal goal weight. You can also set milestones to give you steps […]

weight loss challenge ideas

Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

The best way to lose weight is to be motivated, inspired and stimulated. If you’re not in the zone to lose weight then it’s gonna be harder. We’ve created this awesome weight loss challenge ideas printable that aims to encourage you to lose weight and be visually stimulating. This weight loss challenge is perfect for […]