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2022 Printable Year Calendars In Various Colors

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These 2022 Printable Year Calendars in various colors show the full year on one page making them an attractive way to see dates at a glance.

This yearly calendar is simple, functional, and also looks great. It’s a great calendar for someone who doesn’t want anything fancy but wants to see the year at a glance.

Having a yearly calendar means you can find the perfect calendar at the start of the year and then you are set for the rest of the year. These 2022 yearly calendars show you all of the dates at a glance and are so easy to use.

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A 2022 year calendar in a range of stylish color options

Available in a range of different colors including pink, blue, orange, green, and peach, these year calendars offer something unique and look great when printed.

The touch of color on these year calendars for 2022 gives them a really nice feel and makes them a perfect calendar to use for any work or office space.

You’ll also find this available as a black 2022 year calendar for a more standard and traditional look, but you can choose the color that suits you best.

2022 Printable Year Calendars In Various Colors

Just get your printable calendar below, print it out and you’re done!

To get these year calendars, simply open the calendar you want from the selection below and save them to your device.

See below for instructions and paper recommendations. Also, see more of our stunning range of free calendar designs below.

When it comes to using yearly calendars, I love to frame them. This preserves them throughout the year and gives them that extra special finish.

The great thing about our free printable calendars is that you can mix and match! You don’t need the same style all year round, you can simply come back and get a different calendar each month.

Open the following calendar images to print the 2022 Printable Year Calendars.

Pink 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in pink

Get the 2022 year calendar in pink, which has a cute pastel colour and shows the year in style.

Pink 2022 Printable Year Calendar

Blue 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in blue

Blue 2022 Printable Year Calendars

This 2022 year calendar is in blue, so if you like pastel blue or baby blue you’ll love this stylish calendar.

Green 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in green

Green 2022 Printable Year Calendars

This unique shade of color is displayed on this green yearly 2022 calendar and you won’t find one like it.

Orange 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in orange

Orange 2022 Printable Year Calendars

How many orange calendars are there out there? This is also another unique color option that you’ll find here in this orange 2022 year calendar.

Peach 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in peach

Peach 2022 Printable Year Calendars

This is a very feminine calendar option which will look great displayed in your workspace or planner. Get this free peach 2022 year calendar if you’re looking for something pretty and stylish.

Black 2022 printable year calendar
Printable 2022 Yearly Calendar in black

Black 2022 Printable Year Calendars

We wrap this up with a 2022 year calendar in black, for a more formal and traditional look and is a popular option for anyone who doesn’t want a calendar in color. This black year calendar is still very stylish while maintaining a more standard layout.

How to print these 2022 Printable Year Calendars for the best quality finish


Get these free 2022 Printable Year Calendars by choosing the color that you like best from the choices above.

Print the calendar. These calendars are designed as US Letter size paper, but will also print well on A4 paper. You can resize them easily by following our guide below if you want to print them on A5, or other sizes of paper.

Our calendars look so good when printed on this bright paper which is one of the best deals I’ve found and makes the print look crisp and clear. This card stock is also a great option that’s used a lot in the printable community and even cheaper than I’ve found in stores.

TIP: It’s easy to resize our calendars to fit any paper size. Simply insert this printable into Canva, set your dimensions to any size you want, then save it to your computer, easy! Full steps in this guide.

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