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The Free Printable Savings Tracker – Perfect For a Smaller Budget

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Use this free printable savings tracker template to help you plan the savings goals that you want to reach and to help you stay on track with achieving them.

This savings tracker has enough space to cover savings for up to a year. But you can use it for any length of time that suits you.

So whatever you’re saving for, whether that’s a car, vacation, or anything else, this printable savings tracker will help you reach your goals.

Sections available in this savings tracker template:

  • Year
  • Starting balance
  • Saving for
  • Savings goal
  • Minimum monthly saving
  • Goal monthly saving
  • Goal savings date
  • Amount saved
  • Balance
printable savings tracker

What is a savings tracker?

A savings tracker is a means of helping you keep track of any savings that you are setting aside towards a savings goal.

A savings tracker can be a printable template that you print off and keep in your planner or binder.

Some people keep a digital note of any savings they set aside.

Either way, keeping track of the savings that you set aside helps keep you motivated toward achieving your savings goal.

Why use a savings tracker?

Do you find it hard to save? You know you want to do it but you don’t plan it, you don’t set an end date, you don’t set a goal. 

This is why it’s hard to save. If you have the thought of saving in your mind but never put that thought to paper then it is much harder to know what you are doing and where you are going.

The hardest part about saving is actually making the effort to put money aside to save rather than spending it on luxuries.

If you have a goal in mind and a reason to save then you will make much more of an effort than most.

I used to find it hard to save. I mean, I love spending, I love the power of buying things that bring me joy but that’s only temporary and at the end of it I know I could have done without.

The easiest way to stop me from spending money is to keep me out of the stores!

If you’re a spender, start this journey by trying to find a way to keep yourself from spending so much.

Don’t spend that money before you’ve even thought about putting money aside for savings.

How do I keep track of my savings?

  • Start by deciding on how you want to track your savings
    You’ll need a way to keep track of the savings you set aside.
    Decide on the type of savings tracker that will work best for you.
    This could be a printable savings tracker, a savings tracker app, or a simple note you keep safe.
  • Set yourself a savings goal
    You should set a savings goal so that you have something to save towards.
    This helps you visualize the end achievement and helps keep you motivated.
  • Set a realistic monthly budget
    By setting a monthly budget that’s realistic, you’ll know how much you need to spend on monthly expenses and day-to-day things, and you’ll also see how much money you have left each month that can be set aside for your savings.
  • Set your money aside
    When you’re saving, you ideally should set your savings aside from the rest of your money.
    This can be in a separate bank account, cash envelopes, or anywhere else that’s safe.
    By keeping your savings separate from the rest of your money, you’re much less likely to spend it.
  • Keep your tracker up to date
    Whenever you set aside money, make sure you keep track of it.
    This helps you see the progress you’re making towards your savings goal and also helps you account for the money you’re saving.

The easiest way to keep track of your savings is by using something simple such as this template.

This 52-week savings tracker makes it easy and you can add it to your planner or binder within minutes and get started right now.

What is The 52 Week Savings Tracker?

The 52 Week Savings Tracker has been designed to help you save over a longer period of time giving you the time to figure out how much you want to save without the pressure and stress of having a tight deadline.

It’s perfect for those who need help and aid to just start saving.

The 52 Week Savings Tracker can be used as a starting point for any part of your saving journey.

If you’ve just decided to start saving at a $0 balance or if you are using this method to help you add to your current savings, you can fill it in accordingly and it will help you either way.

52 week savings tracker

How To Use a 52 Week Savings Tracker

When it comes to using this savings tracker, there are a few things to think about before you start.

What is your current starting balance? Are you starting fresh from $0? Or are you starting with funds already that you are adding to?

You also need to write what you’re saving for and your savings goal. It is easier to strive for something if you know what you are striving for.

You should try and set a bare minimum amount that you plan to save each week. If you have a low income, don’t set this bar too high because you will fail to keep the momentum.

Why not start with $10? Aim to save whatever amount you choose each month as the baseline.

As this savings tracker is for 52 weeks, you can also add milestones for each month.

How much would you like to save each month? If you plan to save $10 a week then $40 per month is a realistic monthly goal.

This is also a good way to see how much you could save over a year with only your saving baseline. $40 x 12 = $480 as a base!

That’s a great start and there might be weeks where you add a little more, but nevertheless, try to keep your minimum saving consistently.

The chart where you track your savings progress features space for each week from 1 to 52 and each week you should aim to write how much you saved that week and what the balance is at the end of the week.

Doing this will let you see how much you have saved as you go, rather than calculating the balance at the end.

I am a real fan of this 52 Week Saving Tracker because it’s realistic, easy to use, and allows me to save without any real pressure.

Get the free printable 52-week savings tracker

If you’re ready to start your own savings journey then you need to get this tracker.

The 52 Week Savings Tracker comes in four different styles – Botanical, Classic, Cursive, and Soft.

Don’t wait to start saving! Having something to save toward gives you control, motivation, and an incredible reward at the end.

If you want something, work for it, save for it, don’t wait, and hope that it will magically happen. 

If you start saving today you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Get the free printable savings tracker

To get the printable savings tracker for free, open the template image above and save it to your computer.

Alternatively, for the highest-quality version which comes in four different themes, see the button below to visit our product page. Use the coupon code displayed to get it for free.

If you want to overhaul your finances completely then I also recommend checking out the Financial Budgeting Planner (It also includes this amazing 52 Weeks Savings Tracker)!

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