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Substitutes for Buttermilk

Buttermilk Substitutes

If you’re looking for a buttermilk substitute to help your bread rise, add flavor to marinades, or create amazing pancakes, then we will show you some great alternatives that you can use in your recipes when you’re out of buttermilk. There are a few good substitutes for buttermilk, depending on what you need it for: […]

Substitutes for brown sugar

Brown Sugar Substitutes

Brown sugar is great for making moist and soft baked goods and can add a nice flavor too. However, if you don’t have brown sugar, you can try other brown sugar substitutes. Substitutes for brown sugar: Get your Brown Sugar Substitutes printable below and add it to your recipe binder. See many more recipe substitutes […]

Substitutes for cream of tartar

Cream of Tartar Substitutes

Cream of tartar is a must-have when it comes to making candies or other baking recipes, however, we don’t always have this at hand. Try out these cream of tartar substitutes instead. Substitutes for cream of tartar: Get your Cream of Tartar Substitutes printable below and add it to your recipe binder. See many more […]

Substitutes for sour cream

Sour Cream Substitutes

Got no sour cream for your nachos or chili? Don’t worry! You can always top your Mexican dishes with another yummy alternative! These sour cream substitutes are also great for cooking with. Greek yogurt is a good sour cream substitute in most recipes. Other alternatives include crème fraîche, plain yogurt, and buttermilk. Use these substitutes […]

Substitutes for baking soda

Baking Soda Substitutes

If you need a leavening agent for your cakes, cookies, or muffins but don’t have baking soda to hand then consider these baking soda substitutes! Baking soda helps baked goods rise and become fluffy. If you can’t use it, there are substitutes available, but finding a perfect replacement may not always be possible. Get your […]

Substitutes or heavy cream

Heavy Cream Substitutes

Heavy cream is a wonderful ingredient for thickening soups or making delicious cake toppings, but if you don’t have this to hand then we will show you some great heavy cream substitutes that you can use in your recipes instead. Depending on the recipe and your dietary requirements, there are various viable alternatives to heavy […]

Substitutes for corn syrup

Corn Syrup Substitutes

Corn syrup is a popular sweetening ingredient used in a variety of baked goods, candies, jams, and jellies.  Corn syrup is a thick, sweet liquid made from cornstarch, commonly used in baking, candy making, and sweet recipes. There are various corn syrup substitutes available based on the recipe. Get your Corn Syrup Substitutes printable below […]

Substitutes for evaporated milk

Evaporated Milk Substitutes

Evaporated milk is a great ingredient that can add richness and thickness to smoothies, soups, oatmeal, and more. It is also a great replacement for condensed milk if you prefer a little less sweetness in your baked goods. Evaporated milk is essentially the unsweetened version of condensed milk. Substitutes for evaporated milk include: Get your […]