Discounts and coupons tracker

Printable Discounts And Coupons Tracker

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printable discounts and coupons template

If you run a small business or side hustle you will know that sometimes you need to offer discounts or coupon codes to help boost sales or just to say thank you to your customers.

This discounts and coupon tracker is the best way to track the discounts and codes you have created along with important, additional information.

Sections of the discounts and coupon tracker:

  • Start date of the coupon
  • Coupon code
  • Discount received
  • Product the coupon works for
  • End date of the coupon
  • How many products you have sold with the coupon
  • Revenue made
  • Checkbox to confirm code has ended
Printable discounts and coupons tracker template

Open the image above to view and print the printable Discounts and Coupon Tracker template.

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