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Work Log – 10+ Best Daily & Weekly Templates

A work log is a perfect way to keep track of the work that you do. Choose from this collection of over 10 of the best daily work logs and weekly versions too.

These work log templates can be used by anyone who needs to keep a reference of their working day. This is helpful in employment as a way for employees to account for their days. It’s also great to log any important activities or details that occur throughout any shifts or work hours.

Learn how to use a work log for an explanation of the concept and how you can use one effectively.

Work Log

We have created a variety of different work log designs, in various styles and formats. You’ll find daily work logs, and weekly work logs, in both minimalist and colorful designs.

Daily Work Logs

Daily work logs are popular templates to use for detailing the work and activities that you’ve done each day. There are six templates to choose from.

Daily Work Log 2
Daily Work Log 6-01
Daily Work Log 5
Daily Work Log 4
Daily Work Log 1
Daily Work Log 3

Weekly Work Logs

Weekly work logs help you cover the important things that you do each day, over the course of the week. By the end of the week, you will see the key tasks and projects that you’ve worked on. You can also log any meetings that you have attended.

Weekly Work Log 3
Weekly Work Log 5
Weekly Work Log 1
Weekly Work Log 6
Weekly Work Log 4
Weekly Work Log 2

Each of these templates is free to print and use. Click any of these templates to open them in full screen for the highest quality. Save each template before printing for the best results.

How to use a work log

The work log templates shouldn’t be confused with timesheets which are used for simply logging time worked. A work log is like a report or journal that documents your working day or week. You can use a work log to record the things that you’ve done. This can include meetings and people you’ve contacted and more.

Timesheets are used to log the daily or weekly hours that you’ve worked including any overtime, without any additional information.

A work log can be an excellent tool for small businesses or self-employed professionals to get a general view of their daily work activity. They will be able to see how they manage their workload and how effectively they use their time at work.

I recommend using a work log to note everything work or business-related throughout the day including office visits, events, or when the business has to pause due to an emergency. I would even use it as a way to reflect on any accomplishments or progress that could be made.

To use any of our printable work logs, click on the image and save it to your computer. Alternatively, you can download high-quality pdf versions from the Love & Pixels hub.

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