Happy Halloween Banners

12 Free Happy Halloween Banners To Decorate Your Home

Happy Halloween banners are perfect for bringing spooky cheer to any event!

Halloween is close by and I can’t wait! To get ready for the spooky season I’ve created six fun and spooky happy Halloween banners perfect for any home or event.

Each banner comes in two different styles – traditional banners style and a triangle pennant style so you can choose the style that suits you best! So twelve happy Halloween banners for you to choose from.

Our free happy Halloween banners are the perfect way of decorating for Halloween and saving money. They are perfect for decorating the home, a party venue, or even the classroom. Use our Halloween banners to add spooky cheer to any place!

Keep reading for our full range of Halloween Banners and how to display them!

Black and White Happy Halloween Banner

Black and White Happy Halloween Banner

This black and white Halloween banner is simple but bold and makes a great Halloween decoration.

This Halloween banner features big chunky letters and black and white backgrounds so you can really use this banner with any color scheme you might have. 

Use this Halloween banner in your home or display it in your window or on your porch to let everyone know you are celebrating Halloween!

Also available in Happy Halloween Pennant style:

Classy Happy Halloween Banner

Classy Happy Halloween Banner

This classy happy Halloween banner features a pure black banner with bold white writing. This is a great banner if you want something striking but simple!

I think this happy Halloween banner would make a great option for an adult Halloween party because it is minimalist and classy but can also be used for any type of Halloween get-together!

Match this black happy Halloween banner with some of our other black banners for added creepiness!

Also available in Happy Halloween Pennant style:

Colorful Happy Halloween Banner

Colorful Happy Halloween Banner

This colorful happy Halloween banner is the perfect Halloween decor for a fun children’s Halloween!

This cool banner features bright Halloween colors and funky lettering making it less spooky and more cooky! If you want to add a touch of creepiness to this banner then check out these amazing free Halloween banners too!

Also available in Colored Happy Halloween Pennant style:

Orange and White Happy Halloween Banner

Orange and White Happy Halloween Banner

This pretty Halloween banner features pumpkin colors of orange, white and black and is a great banner for any Halloween party.

This banner would look incredible on the porch illuminated by glowing Jack O’Lanterns underneath! It has really fall vibes due to the colors and style.

Also available in Orange and White Happy Halloween Pennant style:

Pattern Happy Halloween Banner

pattern happy halloween banner

This is a great Halloween Banner for kids and features colorful patterns and quirky writing! The banner features orange, green, purple, and red and perfectly matches our other Halloween banners.

Get your venue Halloween ready with this cute but spooky Halloween banner.

Also available in patterned Happy Halloween Pennant style:

Simple Happy Halloween Banner

simple happy halloween banner

If you’re simply looking for something simple and minimalist this Halloween then this happy Halloween banner is so easygoing.

This Halloween banner features chunky black writing on a white background and looks great. It’s the perfect banner for an adult Halloween party or for a simple Halloween decoration without going over the top.

You could even print this banner for your kids to decorate for a completely unique and fun Halloween banner.

Also available in Simple Happy Halloween Pennant style:

To use our flags simply save them to your device and print them. You can use our banner hanging guide below for ideas on how to display your bunting!

How to hang your happy Halloween banners

When it comes to printing your own Halloween bunting or banner, you might be a little confused about how to hang it or display it. 

We have three options for displaying your bunting that all are really easy and look great.

Take a look at our image guide below for help in hanging your banners.

How To Hang Your Banners - World of Printables

Stick it

You can simply cut your banner out, add double-sided sticky tape to the back and position your banner on the wall. Doing this allows you to display the banner in any way and angle them to suit your style.

Thread it

A more obvious way and more traditional way of hanging your banner is by using thread, rope, string, or whatever else.

Simply punch two holes in either side of the banner page and thread through, weaving in and out of your pages until your entire banner is suspended.

I find threading from the front is a better option as it hides the majority of the thread.

Fold it

If you want to hide the thread completely like banners you purchase from a store then use the fold method. 

  • Cut around the banner but leave the top part of the paper intact (so your banner is longer and there is a white margin).
  • Fold the white part of the paper behind so you can’t see it from the front.
  • Flip the paper over and add your string under the fold. Glue down the fold.
  • Now your banner is hanging with thread like a traditional banner but the thread is hidden.

These methods are such an easy way to display your banner or bunting.

Free Printable Halloween Banners

Take some of the stress and cost out of Halloween decor with our free printable happy Halloween banners. They are a free and simple option for everyone and you can even combine them with many of our other free Halloween decorations!

As well as all of our Halloween banners that you’ll find here, we also have many styles of banners for other celebrations too. You’ll especially love our birthday banner ideas if you’re planning a birthday celebration soon.

More Halloween printables for your family to enjoy

We’ve created many more useful printables for you for the fun up to Halloween and you can get them all for free right here.

Everybody decorates their homes with pumpkins at Halloween, so if you’re looking to style your pumpkins this October then see our pumpkin carving stencils for lots of free templates to help you turn a pumpkin into something awesomely scary this Halloween! It’s also the ultimate guide to pumpkin carving.

Also, for fun Halloween games, see our popular Halloween I Spy Game which kids love, and our huge selection of Halloween Coloring Pages that will keep your kids happy for hours.

We’ve got tons more Halloween Printables for you to print, use, and enjoy for free.

Be sure to grab as many printables as you can while you’re here and print them off whenever you need activities for your kids.

Have a happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween Banner

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