Printable monthly planner

Printable Monthly Planner

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Get your month organized and ready to go with this printable monthly planner!

The monthly planner is perfect for planning ahead and uses a calendar format to make it visually easier to see what you’ve got going on.

So many features in this printable monthly planner

Along with the calendar that is used to plan your month, there are also other sections:

  • Priorities list
  • Task list
  • Project list and due date
  • Notes box
  • Goals section
  • Ideas and Inspiration section

Use these sections to help you get the most out of planning your month.

I love having a monthly planner that features amazing, additional sections. It just gives you more to play with!

printable monthly planner

How to use a monthly planner

You can use a monthly planner the same way you would use a normal day or week planner, except that you can cover so much more.

Monthly planners are also great if you’re not terribly busy – you certainly wouldn’t want to use a day or week planner with little use.

A monthly planner lets you cover everything you need to do each day and each week for a whole month.

To use this printable monthly planner, start by writing the month at the top. If you use these in your planner or binder, you’ll likely slowly start filling your planner up.

Writing the month is a good way to quickly see the month you’re on, as well as be able to plan for future months.

Focus on priorities and things you need to do

The priorities and task list is a great way of seeing an overview of what needs to be done throughout the month but doesn’t have a specific date tied to them.

I don’t generally use these sections for my day to days, as a To-Do list is better for that. Rather, I use these sections for the main things that I need to do or prioritize each month.

A place to focus on your projects

Use the project list section to summarize any things that you plan to be working on.

Whether that’s things you’re doing for work or projects at home, we all have our own little projects each month, so this section is perfect for using to plan out your projects for the month.

Set yourself some goals

The goals section gives you space to write any personal or work-related goals that you want to achieve.

It’s great to set yourself goals each month, which helps keep you motivated and on track. The sense of achievement you get when you reach your goals is fulfilling.

A space for ideas and inspirations

Lastly, use the ideas and inspiration section for writing any important ideas that you come up with over the course of the month, or any inspiration that you come across.

We all have things that inspire us, so having a place to write them down helps keep them in mind so that you never forget them.

Download Printable Monthly Planner - 1
Printable Monthly Planner – Page 1

A monthly planner that covers two pages

This printable monthly planner comes in two pages, which is perfect for your planner.

This two-page spread gives you a lot of space for all of your activities each month.

Printable Monthly Planner – Page 2

The monthly planner also comes in different styles, so you can choose the style that suits you best.

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