printable debt tracker

Free Printable Debt Tracker

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Use this free printable debt tracker to plan your debt repayments and to help you stay on track to completely paying your debts off.

Don’t be afraid of taking a good hard look at your debts. You’re probably worse off ignoring them and letting the debt build up or be outwith your control.

Facing your debt allows you to take control and you can do it in an easy and manageable way by using this debt tracker.

printable debt tracker template

How to use a debt tracker

The printable debt tracker has different sections each designed to help you organize your debt.

Start with filling out the details of your debt and creditor. Then make your plan of how much you want to pay a month (as a goal), how much you can realistically pay each month guaranteed and your pay off date goal.

Once you have gone through this section and figured out your plan you will work with this to start paying off your debt.

The main section is where you will log your debt payments. You will note down the date you paid, the amount you paid and the balance along with any notes.

Seeing the progress you are making should motivate you to continue paying your debt at a pace that suits you. It will also help you see if you need to change your plan down the line.

This debt tracker is so simple but effective and it is a great starting point when it comes to paying off your debts.

Just start now and don’t let your debt control you!

free printable debt tracker template

Download the free printable debt tracker template

To get the printable debt tracker for free, click the template image above and save to your computer.

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