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Advertising Tracker Templates For Your Small Business

These advertising tracker templates are perfect for keeping a log of all of your advertising campaigns and advertising costs for your business. It’s an easy and effective way of keeping an eye on what advertising and marketing campaigns are working and which ones need some extra attention.

If you run a small business or you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur looking to run advertising campaigns to promote yourself then I highly recommend using an advertising tracker to keep a log of your campaigns. 

If you plan to run ad or marketing campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest amongst many others, you will find that you need the dedicated space to log each campaign for each platform. Having all of this information collated and in one space is a great way to keep everything where you need it and reduce any confusion! 

A marketing campaign template can help you keep track of all of your campaigns in one easy-to-reach place, while keeping it simple for you to keep on top of everything you have running.

Printable Advertising Tracker Templates

Choose your favorite from these campaign templates below, then open to see the full-size version which you can save and print.

Advertising Tracker template
Printable Advertising Tracker Template - Cursive
Advertising Tracker template - 1
Advertising Tracker Template - 2
advertising tracking template
advertising tracking log
advertising tracker-02
Printable Advertising Tracker Template - floral
advertising tracker template - black
advertising tracker template - black 2
advertising tracker-08
advertising tracker sheet
advertising tracker log

How to Use An Advertising Tracker Template

This advertising tracker has been designed to be simple and straightforward to use with any marketing campaign and has different areas for you to fill in –

  • What
    What is the ad campaign? It shouldn’t be a description, just a title that sums it up like ‘Advertising Tracker Printable 2023’
  • Where
    Where are you launching this ad? Is it through social media? And if so, what platform?
  • When
    What date are you launching this? Are you launching it right now, today? Or are you planning ahead and launching on a specific date in the future?
  • Cost
    How much is it going to cost you to run this ad? What is your budget for running the ad for the length of time?
  • Revenue
    How much did you make from running this ad? How many sales did you convert? Did you profit after costs? Did it work for you?
  • Ended
    Mark the checkbox when the ad is finished.

Simply looking at your advertising tracker can give you useful information to deem whether your advertising or marketing campaign was a success or not. If you run this ad campaign on different platforms at the same time you can easily see which platform worked best for the type of product or content you are promoting.

I definitely recommend using an advertising tracker for simplicity and ease of mind. It’s also a great way to collect all of your data in one place and see it at a glance.

You can also find the advertising tracker template included in our Small Business Planner, a great free planner binder that’s perfect for keeping track of everything that makes your business work.

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