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Mileage Log Templates – 10 Best Styles

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Use these mileage log templates to help you track your mileage expenses and related expenses. Choose from 10 different styles and print for free.

If you use your car for your business then it is so important to use a mileage tracker.

Why use a mileage log template?

Using a mileage tracker allows you to see how often you have traveled for business, and the cost of it, and is super handy for tax deductions or claiming back expenses.

Why is this important? It’s important because you can claim some of the money spent on travel or fuel in expenses if it was used for business! This helps show a reduction in your profits, which means you pay fewer taxes.

Also, if you are able to claim travel expenses or mileage reimbursement (for a business trip or commuting) from your employer, then this mileage log sheet is the perfect thing that makes mileage tracking so much easier. You can then be reimbursed for these expenses. Just make sure you keep personal and business mileage separate.

Employers can also use this mileage log form for business purposes and may use them to give to employees to track their business miles and manage their business expenses.

Learn how to use a mileage log template below.

Mileage Log Template

Choose your favorite from these mileage log templates. We’ve created 10 different styles so you can pick the one that works best for you. These templates are free to print. Just open the ones you need and save or print.

Mileage Log Template
Mileage Log Template
Mileage Tracker
Mileage Tracker
simple mileage tracker
simple mileage tracker
printable mileage log
printable mileage log
mileage template
mileage template
mileage sheet
mileage sheet
Mileage Log
Mileage Log
free mileage tracker
free mileage tracker
company mileage log
company mileage log
Free mileage log template printable

Free mileage log template printable

Do you have a favorite mileage log template? Let us know the styles you like best and we’ll create more like these in the same style.

See how to get a PDF version below.

Like these styles? Want more like these?

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How to use a mileage log template

The vehicle mileage log is so simple to use, all you need to do is:

  • Note the date
  • Write the travel details / the reason for travel
  • Log your start destination
  • Track where your journey ended
  • Log the overall cost of the journey
  • Make note of your odometer readings
  • You can even tally up the total mileage at the end

It’s really as simple as that, and when you need to complete your tax return, simply include this when you fill out your expenses. However, remember to try and obtain receipts and proof from your business driving.

Also, remember to keep this mileage tracker safe in case you ever need evidence (you might also need bank statements to show the dates you bought fuel and the cost).

Printable Mileage Log Template

free mileage log template

The mileage log comes in four different styles – Botanical, Soft, Cursive, and Classic and you will receive all four styles when you get the free bundle.

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More awesome printables for you to enjoy

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How to make printables look awesome


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Get the free mileage log template PDF

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