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calorie tracker template

Use these calorie tracker templates to keep track of the calories you’re consuming which will help you reach your weight goals.

People count calories for different reasons. They might want to lose weight, they might be doing it for medical reasons, or they might just want to change the way they eat.

You can use the calorie intake tracker to help you log your calorie intake throughout the week focusing on each day as it comes.

There is space to write the meals you eat throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening rather than just focusing on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Get the free printable calorie tracker templates

To get these printable calorie counter templates for free, click any template image above and save it to your computer before printing.

Calorie tracker template - 1-09
Calorie tracker template
Calorie tracker template - 5
Calorie tracker template - 7
Calorie tracker template - 6
Calorie tracker template-16
Calorie tracker template-16
Calorie tracker template - 3
Calorie tracker template - 2
Calorie tracker template - 1-13
Calorie tracker template - 1-12
Calorie tracker template - 1-11
Calorie tracker template - 1-10
Calorie tracker template - 1-14
Download free printable calorie tracker template

The calorie intake tracker is so simple to use and comes in many different styles. You can easily mix and match these with any of our other free printables!

You can also find the calorie intake tracker included in our Meal Planner bundle which has a huge number of useful templates to help you plan your meals and eat healthily.

Calorie tracker template

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