40 best planner templates for household chores

Household Chores Made Easy +40 Awesome Printables To Help You

Use this collection of awesome free printables designed specifically to help you at home. From household chores including cleaning, organizing, and meal planning to printables to help you manage your home and family needs.

How we live in chaos

When it comes to my daily life, I used to find that I spent a lot of time thinking things through in my head without ever making a note of what was important.

Eventually, these things would fall to the wayside because I would forget about them. It’s simply something that we all do.

Now that’s not always a bad thing but without acting on the changes each of us wants to make we won’t get anywhere, we’ll just firefight our way through the days, often stuck in the same routine.

Making changes to simple things and getting on top of them can really give you a sense of achievement and control, and can certainly help take the stress out of things in the longer term.

This is why we have created these printables designed to help you get on top of all the chaos in your life at home.

Take the stress out of household chores

These household printables help you focus on the individual things that make up your day-to-day lives at home.

They are all different, but all equally important, and all deserve to be managed in a way that suits us without being forgotten about.

The great thing is, you can print each of these individually, finding the ones that you need for any specific household chores or tasks, and put them in your planner.

Better yet, you can get them all together in a bundle and make your own home management binder so that you have everything you need in one easy go-to location.

Simply print and go!

What is a home management binder?

A home management binder has so many different names. You might know it as:

  • Home Management Binder
  • Mom Binder
  • Family Binder
  • Home Planner
  • Household Planner

They all aim to do the same thing – keep your home life organized and manageable.

A home management binder is a binder or planner that includes pages and sheets that help you organize your home life.

These could include general household chores and tasks to keep a home clean, family and friend information, emergency contact information, events and dates, little notes and reminders, meal planning, exercise, and health.

These planners are designed to make things easier and have what you need for home management at your fingertips.

Anyone can benefit from a home management binder such as couples, families, or even guests who come to stay or house sit.

A home management planner can also be made accessible to anyone in the family, so you might not want to include sensitive information.

How do I set up a home management binder?

How do I set up a home management binder

When it comes to creating a home management binder, it’s a good idea to choose the things that are important to have a smooth and happy family home.

Home management means something different to everyone. Some people have a home management planner for themselves, for a couple, or for a small or big family.

So what goes into your home management binder really depends on your needs and the sort of household chores that you need to get on top of.

What is in a home management binder?

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can put in a home management binder:

  • Household chores and tasks
  • Health details and trackers
  • Quick bill and finance information
  • Workout logs and trackers
  • Meal planning
  • Contact list and friend information
  • Garden planning
  • Holiday plans/ideas

So now you have an idea of what could go into your home management binder, let’s take a look at how to put one together.

What do I need to make a home management binder?

First things first, gather what you need.

  • Planner pages
    The first thing you need to do is source your home management sheets or pages.

    There are various places around the internet where you could gather your pages or you could simply get all of them all for free right here.

  • A folder/ring binder
    You need somewhere to keep all of your pages together and safe.

    You can use a ring binder or if you prefer something more compact then try out a planner folder.

  • Hole Punch
    You will need a hole punch so you can insert your pages into your ring binder or another folder you choose to use.

  • Dividers
    An organized binder is a happy binder. To keep your home management binder easy to use and easy to navigate, you’re going to want some dividers or tabs.

    The best way to organize a home management planner is by categorizing it into sections that cover all of the household chores that matter to you, such as health, bills, meal planners, etc.

    It might be hard to find dividers that are specific to your categories so I recommend printing custom labels.

    You can find free printable divider pages that can be resized for use in a planner style or ring binder style. You can also find some simple ring binder dividers and some pretty planner dividers. Use a simple label maker or stickers to customize your dividers.

  • Pockets/wallets
    This is optional but I think having plastic pockets or wallets included in your binder is really helpful. You can store all sorts of important things in them and it also gives additional space.

  • Stickers (optional)
    People like to use stickers to draw attention to certain aspects of their planner and to help them plan easier. There is a great collection of free printable planner stickers on our site or buy bundles of them online.

If you want a super-easy way to start your home management binder then I recommend grabbing the Household Planner. It’s perfect for beginners!

We also have hundreds of free printable planner pages that you can add to your home management binder. You really don’t need to go anywhere else to get all of the printables that you need, for any household chores or whatever you need to organize your life.

You can get them all right here. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

What is in the Household Planner?

household planner bundle

The Household planner bundle offers over 40 individually designed pages designed to help you organize different aspects of your life and household chores and comes in 4 different beautiful styles

While you can get most of the templates for free on our website, this bundle has them all in one convenient low-cost pack that you can get in high-quality PDF format.

Let’s take a look at some printable templates you can use to help you with your household chores.

Debt tracker

The debt tracker is perfect for logging any debt payments you may owe.

You can use a page per debt and add details such as the interest rate, the creditor, the date and amount you have paid, and any balances.

printable debt tracker

Bill tracker

This bill tracker is perfect for logging all of your bills.

It has a handy monthly checklist so you can see what bills need to be paid and when at a glance.

printable bill tracker

Savings tracker

This page is perfect for tracking your savings.

Use this page to create a savings plan with a starting balance, the goal, the minimum saving, date, amounts, totals and a progress tracker too.

savings tracker

Daily Medication Log

Print this page for each medication you take.

It is an amazing page for tracking your medication, treatments, dosages and keeping a log of when you take it. No more missing doses!

free printable daily medication log

Medical Appointment Log

This page is perfect for logging your visits to the doctor along with the reason why you went, the outcome of the visit, and any follow-up notes.

medical appointment log

Dental visits tracker

Keep track of your dental visits, treatments, and notes with this page along with your dentist information.

dental record keeping template

Blood pressure tracker

This page helps you to log your blood pressure during different times of the day along with your heart rate and any other notes you might need to take.

blood pressure tracker-

Period tracker

Use this page to track your period every month along with a period key, notes, and cycle length.

It’s a great page for keeping an eye on your period in an in-depth way.

period tracker template

Family medical history tracker

Do you know your family’s medical history? Do you know what family members have endured serious ailments? Maybe genetic ones?

It’s always good to know of any serious conditions that run in the family. It could help if you ever find yourself ill and need additional help getting diagnosed.

family medical history template

Blood sugar log

If you are someone who needs to track their blood sugar levels then this page is a real treat.

Use this blood sugar tracker to log your data every day of the week by noting your sugar levels before eating, the meals you ate, and your blood sugar levels from 1 to 3 hours later.

free printable blood sugar log sheet

Symptoms Tracker

Not feeling quite right? Use this symptom tracker to log any unusual niggles you might be having, how long they last, and any relatable notes such as whether they are side effects from medicine or simply just something you’ve eaten.

symptom tracker printable

Medical contacts list

Use this page to log your medical contacts. Log more than just your doctor.

Log your therapist, the pediatrician, your plastic surgeon, your physiotherapist! You can simply log any contact who is medically important to you! 

medical contacts list template

Physical exam tracker

Keep track of important physical health stats with this physical exam tracker page.

Use this page to log your weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, and age over a period of time.

physical exam tracker

Visits to opticians tracker

Here is a page where you can log your visit to the opticians!

We all know we don’t visit an optician as often as we should and now you can track your attempts with this page.

visits to opticians template

Sleep tracker

This sleep tracker covers the whole month and is such an ideal way of logging how many zzz you are getting! Sl

eep is so important to our health, so why not set a goal and see how you get on!

sleep tracker

Savings tracker template

Why not set yourself a savings challenge with this 52-week savings page?

The page is laid out ready for you to create your own challenge with space to track the amount you pay each week and space to tally the balance as you go.

You also set the monthly savings goal, the date you want to achieve it by, and a minimum amount of money to put aside every week.

savings tracker template

Workout Schedule

Create your own workout schedule with this amazing page.

Print a page out for every week and plan your exercises for the mornings and the afternoons.

workout schedule template

Workout log template

Use the workout log to log in more detail the exercises you plan to do in your workout schedule! Include reps, sets, distance, and time!

simple workout log

Calorie intake tracker

This calorie intake tracker has space to track the individual meals you eat throughout the day.

The weekly grid is split into three sections for logging your intake throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening rather than being designed for set meals.

calorie tracker

Things to do list

Life isn’t all about work. Open your life to exploring and trying new things! We all have ideas in the back of our minds but we never really act on them.

Why not write down the things you want to see and do on this page and have fun completing them!

things to do list template

Contact list template

Use the contact list to log the contact details of your favorite people!

Kitchen Inventory

This kitchen inventory is perfect for helping you organize your kitchen and bin the items that are no longer needed. It’s time to declutter!

Fridge Inventory

Use this page to get rid of out-of-date items or foods that you no longer need.

Log your most recent grocery shop on this page to keep an eye on what you have, how much you have, and the use-by date.

Freezer Inventory

This freezer inventory page is perfect for keeping a log of your freezer foods.

Get rid of any freezer food you’ve had for longer than 6 months. Chances are you’re not going to go back to it.

Pantry Inventory

Keeping an inventory of your pantry is a perfect way of decluttering it and making space for food items you actually need.

You’ll be surprised how long you’ve had food rotting away in the back of the cupboard.

Recipe templates

The recipe planner page is perfect for storing your family recipes, favorite recipes, and even recipes passed on by friends.

There is plenty of space to note the ingredients, method, difficulty rating, cooking time, prep time, and tools and utensils needed. You can even print a copy of this page to fill out with your favorite recipe and share it with a friend.

free printable recipe templates

Weight tracker

Use this weight tracker to log your weight fluctuations throughout the weeks.

This weight tracker is perfect for setting weight-loss goals but also offers the space to write any weight gain you might experience. You can also set milestones to complete.

free weight tracker

Garden planner 

Use the garden planner to figure out what kind of plants, botanicals, and flora you want in your garden and keep track of them.

printable garden planner

Garden inventory

This garden inventory is perfect for keeping track of the plants in your garden along with how many you have.

This is a great page to organize your garden and would be very helpful if you’re starting a garden or plant nursery from scratch.

garden inventory

Garden Planting Planner

Use this page to log the plants you need to plant at certain times of the year.

This page is designed to easily help you organize your garden and see at a glance when you need to garden seasonally.

printable monthly planting template

Seasonal chores list

The seasonal tasks page offers space to plan and log any tasks that need to be done seasonally.

These can be garden tasks, home tasks, and personal tasks. 

seasonal chores list

Garden tasks planner

Want to stay on top of your garden once and for all? This page is perfect for logging your garden tasks every month, from doing yard and lawn work, planting and harvesting, and even maintenance.

This page is guaranteed to help you keep your garden organized and in top shape.

Weight loss template

Kick start your weight loss journey with this amazing weight loss challenge.

The aim of this weight loss challenge is to lose a maximum of 3 stones and track it as you go. There is space to write milestones, a progress tracker bar, and a space to mark off every pound lost.

weight loss challenge ideas

Weight chart

The weight chart is perfect for those who want to see how their weight changes in a chart format.

Easy to use and easy to see your stats at a glance.

weight chart

Monthly steps tracker

Use the monthly steps tracker to track your daily starts from 50 to 10,000. The design of this tracker makes it easy to log your steps and see your progress over time.

monthly steps tracker

Habit tracker template

Use this habit tracker to easily track your habits and any new habits that you are trying to develop.

Use the habit key to note your habit and fill in the tracker over time.

free habit tracker template

Vitamins & Supplements tracker

It can be so hard to stay on top of your vitamins and supplements, especially if there is a certain way you like to take them before meals, with water, without food.

This page is perfect for keeping track of what you’re taking, how much, what time, and what date.

vitamins and supplements tracker

Meals & Workout tracker

This page is great for noting your meals and calories consumed along with noting your workout and calories burned.

The tracker is designed so you can compare your data side by side.

meals and workouts tracker

Password tracker

A password tracker can be perfect for storing your login details for your favorite sites.

This is handy for noting login details for your favorite streaming services so if you ever have guests you can give them the login easily.

password tracker printable

Calorie counter

Use this weekly calorie intake tracker to log your meals throughout the day along with the calories and then calculate the daily total at the end.

You will be able to see what days you overindulged and how you can do better for the week ahead.

free calorie counter

I think we can both agree that this is a great planner with so many useful pages.

You can finally begin to organize and structure parts of your life that you might normally overlook and start enjoying the benefits of this.

If you’re ready to use the Household Planner to better your life, get on top of your household chores and make positive changes then you can get it right here!

Want more free pages for your household planner?

Maybe there is something more you need for your Home Management Binder.

Don’t worry, here are a few free printable pages that I think you will benefit from:

Why organizing your home is important

Having an organized home can really benefit your mental health and clarity. It’s not just about having a tidy home or being on top of your household chores, it’s about having something that the whole family can be involved in.

Organizing doesn’t just mean decluttering, tidying, and doing things every day that will make your life easier, it’s also about having something ready for when you need it.

It’s about knowing where the important aspects of your home life are organized, so you can access it when you need to.

Using a home management binder to organize your home can be that breath of fresh air that you need. It gives you mental clarity and helps you to be in control of your home life. It’s always better to be out of the chaos than in it.

Does being organized make you happy?

Yes! According to selecthealth.org, being organized has many benefits. These include reducing stress, helping you sleep better, making healthier food choices, increasing productivity, and improving relationships.

Who wouldn’t want that?

I know it takes a bit of time to start and maintain but it is definitely worth the benefits. I’d dedicate some of my time to creating a home management binder to reap the benefits of a happy and organized life long term.

Does being organized make you happy

If you were looking for a reason to create a home management binder then I hope you’ve found one.

For a small amount of effort at the start, you could really reduce the stress from your life, the daily household chores for a cleaner home, and have a happy, organized family.

Do you use a home management binder? If so, how has it helped you? Let me know in the comments below.

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